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a very small intermit wedding

Well, it seems like it has been a quiet time for me as I have not done a wedding for nearly 2 months but it has actually been quite busy! I have been meeting with lots of happy couples, discussing their upcoming weddings, so I have a very busy year ahead of me.

But today, I did have a wedding and it was a very special one at that. It was a very small intermit wedding with only the couples closest two friends there along with the photographers, Russell the Roadie (aka my husband) and me.

The venue was a place called Views Resort in Cape Schanck and it was well named as the view from where we were standing was absolutely spectacular! And the ambiance was also fantastic with the open fireplace and warm furnishings. Standing there with the wonderful Bride and Groom, it was like nothing else existed.

It ended up being quite an emotional day for everyone there today, (yes, even the photographers had a bit of a sniffle) which is quite funny really as when I first met this couple, they told me that they don't want a big fuss, actually, I believe the words used "no big hoo-ha"!

But over the course of action, there seemed to be more and more "hoo-ha" becoming involved. Including some words of dedication from the friends of the couple and their personal vows. They were really lovely and heartfelt and for a nice change, the groom expressed his vows with music from his favourite musician in the background. Even though he finished what he had to say before the music did, we needed to hear out the song to give us all time to compose ourselves.

It was a very earnest and warm wedding today and I feel very lucky to have been a part of it.

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