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Winter Wedding in Langwarrin

I have had the pleasure of conducting weddings all over Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Sometimes I have traveled for couple of hours to the venue but today was a real treat. The wedding venue was 2 minutes' walk away from my house!

And the wedding turned out to be quite a festive one with all the guests in a jovial mind, looking forward to the upcoming proceedings. The bride and groom on the other hand were both very nervous before the ceremony. But as soon as it started, they settled in and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The brides 2 sons played a great part in the wedding with the oldest walking her down the aisle alongside her father and the youngest entertaining us by singing "I'm Yours" during the signing of the registry.

And when I left the wedding, it looked like everyone was settling in for a good time.....DSCF1825-001.JPG

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