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Warm Winter Wedding

Well, we are coming to a “quiet time” for weddings now although I sometimes wonder why….. Of course the obvious answer is because of the weather. But this makes me ponder even more, if the weather is a factor, then surely we should be thinking about celebrating our weddings in winter. After all, this is Melbourne and the weather gods are constantly messing with our heads so why not hit them back by playing their own game.

As a Marriage Celebrant in Melbourne, I have conducted a lot of wedding ceremonies in a different area than planned and sometimes different venue because the rain has decided to spoil the day. This is because most weddings are planned for spring and summer and some even in autumn with the thinking that the weather will be nice. But anybody who reads my blogs will know that this is not always the case. And even if the day does turn out to be nice, not raining, or too hot, we seem to spend a lot of time before the ceremony stressing, hoping, praying…..

And then, to add to all of this, if the day turns out to be a lovely day, due to the fashion on the field for weddings, the poor groom and his groomsmen are usually sweltering in their suits while on a cold day, the bride and the bridesmaids who were expecting the day to be sunny and warm enough to wear the off the shoulder number will freeze!

So, I have decided to be an advocate for winter weddings….. This way, we allow for the fact that the weather is going to be  (insert your own word here) and plan an indoors warm ceremony without the stress or last minute rush to find another place. Just about every wedding reception venue and golf club in Vic will have an indoor and outdoor option. So if that special day in June, July or August happens to turn out to be a nice day, then that’s just a bonus and the ceremony can be held in the garden if we wish.

And not to mention all the beautiful chapels around Melbourne and surrounds. Or even a wedding held at home, plan a nice wedding by the fire place but if the sun comes out to warm our bones, then take it outside to under the Elm tree.

There is also another thing to consider with winter weddings. Have a look around at the gardens, what do you see? Look at the evergreen plants and see how green they are as opposed to how they look in summer after a few hot days, all dried out and burnt leaves. Imagine these plants in the backdrop of your wedding photos, do you want the grass under your feet to be green or brown. And we all know how much we look forward to the wedding pics, so we don’t want to spoil them with thirsty looking foliage in the background.

I know that most couples will still want to get married in the “warmer weather months” but I would like everyone to at least consider these points. And I’m sure there are other winter benefits that I have not listed so I would be more than happy for anyone to add to them.


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