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Wedding 1 wedding 2

Two weddings today had a lot of similarities, they both had young lovely brides and grooms, they were both garden weddings, both on the Mornington Peninsula, both had best friends and sisters as bridesmaids, both had a great celebrant and both brides were very excited!

The first bride was just very excited at becoming her groom’s wife. All throughout the ceremony, she was almost jumping out of her skin and during the signing of the registrar, she was jumping up and down for joy, saying how she is his wife now. The groom was very emotional at one point as this was the day he had been waiting for, for a long time.

The second bride was very excited as her groom surprised her with a twin ring that she wanted but thought it was out of her reach. During the ring ceremony, he presented her with 2 rings instead of 1 and all she could do to contain her excitement was to look at him.

This beautiful bride is the daughter of another beautiful bride I married 5 years ago, so it was good to see her and her hubby again. I love to see my couples after I married them and to see how happy they are!

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