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wedding 11/11/11

Well there were heaps of weddings today being 11/11/11 and I had fantastic wedding on a beach at Phillip Island.

I know that I say a lot about how the wedding was great and the bride looked beautiful, yada yada yada.....but I really do mean it, the wedding is always great! And the bride is always beautiful! Really! But every once in awhile, I conduct a wedding that has that extra special feel to it, and today was one of those.

 When I first met this couple, I was so impressed with the way they were with each other. I always like to personalise a ceremony by putting in the “couple’s story”. I like to talk about how they met, who proposed, when, where etc. For most couples, I have to drag their story out of them but it always works out to be a great story in the end. For today’s couple, I struggled to keep up with them. They had so much to say about their relationship, their story was 3 times as long as every other couples!

 The bride’s mother did a wonderful reading to the tune of the four groomsmen (3 men and 1 woman) playing guitars and bongo drum. The groom’s young daughters featured in the bridal party as well. The older one throwing out rose petals and the younger one, blowing bubbles. They also held the couples scrolls with their vows on them and handed them out at the right time. Who says you shouldn’t work with children and

 And the tears were flowing, the bride, the groom, the parents, the bridesmaids, the celebrant, yes, I said the celebrant and even the groomsmen were quite glad that they had sunglasses on! It was very emotional, very happy, and very special.

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