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wedding 24/12/10

I mentioned in a previous blog about how one of the perks of being a marriage celebrant is meeting all sorts of people with all sorts of stories. And today, that proved true again.

I married a Samoan couple today and discovered not only the different traditions but saw how entertaining they are! Today's couple were such lovely people as were their family. And they invited me to their reception. Normally, if I am invited, I decline because it is the couple's time to celebrate with their family and friends but today I accepted because I was intrigued about their customs.

When I arrived at the reception, to my surprise, I was invited to sit at the bridal table. O.M.G! Me at the bridal table, wow! Ok, they explain to me that as the Celebrant, I am considered to be a very important part of the whole wedding (well I already knew that) and that I should be treated as such. I was then kept amused by some very entertaining young Samoan boys and girls dancing and singing and amusing everyone with their antics.

Then they did the cutting of the cake and all of a sudden a huge slice of cake came my way. Apparently, the cake is cut to size and given to people of importance. So, the elder of their church had the top layer of the cake presented to him, then there was a large piece of the bottom layer given to the bride and groom and the next large piece was presented to me! Because, I'm important, oh yeah!

It was a great ceremony and reception and I'm very happy that I met this couple and their family, they are beautiful beautiful people.

Tomorrow, I have another wedding, yes on Christmas day! But it's all good, while I'm at the wedding doing my thing, my husband will be cooking our Christmas dinner, lol.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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