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Wedding at Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum

With the cooler weather we have been having recently, it seems everyone has forgotten that it is actually summer. And today it was hot! Damn hot!

But we all survived and I was especially proud of the groom today. It was a bit of will he or won't he be able to say his personal vows to his bride as his nerves would probably get the better of him. But not only did he say them, he said them out loud and proud. It surprised both the bride and me and it was great!

So many times, I say how the bride was beautiful, but it is always true and again today, she looked gorgeous. So did her bridesmaids and the brides' young daughter and son holding the ring pillow as they walked down the aisle together. And even all the groomsmen looked great! Poor things were perspiring so much I thought they would melt. Actually, I thought I would melt too!

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