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Wedding at Kilmany Park Bed and Breakfast

Having a headache, sore throat and annoying cough is never good at any time but couple that with travelling two and a half hours for a wedding, it’s dreadful. But, thanks to my new best friend, the chemist, I managed to conduct today’s ceremony with my typical professionalism and pleasure.

 And it was a lovely wedding at the charming Kilmany Park Bed and Breakfast. Quite a small crowd which included the bride’s aunt Josie who tore a finger nail before the wedding. Lucky for her, I travel with everything including a kitchen sink, scissors and sticky tape!

 But seriously, the bride was absolutely gorgeous and the groom was one of the cheekiest, although he and his two groomsmen and page boy did look quite good in their suits and hats!

 I have another wedding tomorrow and hoping that I can get through this one as well with no coughing......stay tuned

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