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wedding Mornington Golf Club

But it was the groom who felt the heat the most as so often they do dressed up in their suits. Lucky for us, there was a shaded area in the beautiful garden of the Mornington Golf Club.  A very pretty spot, indeed.

 When I got there, the groom and his groomsmen were already there, raring to go. And as the crowd gathered, the anticipation for the wedding grew. Finally, the time came and the bride with her entourage arrived, looking fantastic.

 The cute little flower girl came up the red carpet first accompanied by her mother, then the page boy, who decided that he didn’t want to do it, so had to be carried, lol. Then the three bridesmaids, followed by the bride holding on tight to her father.

 It all went really well after that, apart from the perspiration on all of us!

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