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A Wedding on My Wedding Day!

The coincidences for this wedding struck me immediately when I was contacted by the bride. Firstly, they wanted to marry on April 12th which is my wedding anniversary, then she told me her name, which is the same as my daughters, and then she told me the name of her hubby-to-be which was almost the same as my maiden name!! Well... it seemed to me that I was just meant to do this wedding.

And it turned out to be a quiet little affair with only 7 guests but intermit with the brides daughter and her boyfriend entertaining us with their beautiful singing. And good old Skype played its part too, with relatives from back home in Mauritius watching and enjoying the ceremony.

But bigger than the coincidences and the intimacy of this ceremony, was how this couple got together. They were actually each other's first loves many many years ago but as often happen to first love relationships they parted and moved on with their lives. But neither of them forgot the other and after both being married and divorced, they found each other again. How? On Facebook!

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