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Wedding at Old Gippstown

Old Gippstown was the venue for yesterdays wedding. Set up as a heritage park, it hosts a water wheel that was turning during the ceremony helping to create the ambiance for this ceremony.

 This wedding was a little bit more special than usual for me because the groom is the son of a dear friend of mine. And it was wonderful to see her son, who has such a gentle soul was able to find a woman who matched his character.

 With an abundance of bridesmaids and groomsmen all standing in front of the turning wheel and family and friends watching on as the groom grinned from ear to ear, the ceremony happened along very nicely. Even the weather gods smiled down on this couple. The weather was perfect during the ceremony and the photo shooting afterwards. And then, while driving to the reception, (yes, I got to go to the reception, Yay!) the Heavens opened up. Down came the rain, no skip that, down came an ocean out of the sky with a bit of thunder and lightning in the mix. Then an hour later, it stopped, allowing everyone to make their merry way to the party.

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