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A Wedding Painting

I have seen a lot of photographers in my time and quite a few videographers but never an artist painting a picture of the wedding ceremony…..that is until today. Pia Barber is like a human camera, who captures events on canvas, a very unique way of remembering a ceremony. If anyone is interested in seeing Pia’s work, her web site is

And lucky for her, the weather turned out perfect, showing off the beautiful foliage of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne even though we were all worried beforehand about the drizzling that seemed to be non-stop until about hour before the wedding. Then the sun came out and the day became perfect.

The guests came from far and wide, even skyped from Sweden, the gardens looked beautiful, helicopters were flying about (which was a little annoying really), the groom and his groomsmen waited in anticipation and then the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids arrived. The ceremony flowed beautifully and then the bride burst into laughter when the best man opened up the ring box for the groom to get her ring to present it to her. Hmmm….what’s going on here, thought I, then I saw what she was laughing at when the best man opened the grooms ring box…..he had put unflattering photos of the bride and groom in each of the boxes so the bride and groom would see them as they were taking the rings of him….I guess you had to be there, but it was quite funny at the time.Pia_Barber.jpg

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