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Wedding at The Patterson River country Club

Oh the weather....ho-hum. But this time we had a plan B that worked beautifully. The Patterson River country Club has a beautiful view from the balcony which also protects from the rain and the wind. We even had a candle lit in honour of the Bride’s Father and the Grooms Pa.

 So it was a wonderful ceremony with one hundred guests, three groomsmen, three bridesmaids, one bride and groom and one Celebrant all feeling quite comfortable and happy in the fact that we were not going to get wet. the end, it didn't rain anyway! The sun shone so we could have held the ceremony on the grass by the lake and rocks like originally planned. Oh the weather....ho-hum. Anyway, the sun shining just made the view from the balcony even better so take that weather god!!

 They were a gorgeous couple with a very happy story to go with their wedding. And now they have had the perfect ceremony to go with a very happy marriage that I’m sure they will have.

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