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Wedding at Portsea

Romania met South Africa today when two ex-pats of these countries got married. It was very interesting to hear the different accents as the couple said their vows and their guests chatted to each other. And one of the funniest things I had ever heard from a groom happened today when he was watching his beautiful bride walking down the hill towards our area at the tenth at Portsea Golf Club with their young daughter. He was watching her with awe, when he spied the long train flowing behind her. “Look at that train” he said in his South African accent “How am I supposed to dance with that!” Well that just cracked up the two groomsmen and me straight away.

The groom had his two groomsmen but the bride wanted more than that. She had one matron of honour, three bridesmaids, and three cute little flower girls. Plus, their young daughter stood there with us as well, so it was quite cosy with the thirteen of us standing there on a small circle.

But one of the highlights of the day for me would have to be when I got to drive one of the golf buggy’s from the club rooms to the ceremony area! Portsea_Golf_Club.jpg

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