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A wedding to remember!

Oh Boy! Where do I start??

It was one of those weddings that will be talked about for years, I think. Firstly, the groom was no-where to be seen and it was about 5 minutes before the wedding was due to start. But he turned up, all good, just had traffic problems….. It was a bit like something you would see on a sitcom with the groom and his groomsmen getting out of the car, half dressed, looking for their jackets and feeling a bit rushed and stressed.

But then they were all lined up ready to go when bride arrives. And that is when the fun started. Bride has a larger than life sense of humour and from the time she walked down the aisle holding on to her mum, the laughs just kept coming. It was one of the happiest and funniest weddings I have ever done.

Yes, I will remember this wedding for years to come…S_and_D_1small.jpg

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