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Wedding With a View

WOW, how glorious is this weather!! It just about matches the beauty of the view from Lions Park in San Remo where todays wedding was held. But it doesn’t quite match the beauty of the bride….

It was such a small intimate wedding today with only 4 guests, (actually 5 if you count the baby in the pram) but a very special one. This couple have been engaged for almost 12 years but just never found the right time to get married until today. And it was just right for them, to share this special moment with their son, and the magnificent view. They have been going to Lions Park since their son was 3 weeks old, he is now 11 so it is a very special place for them.

They also showed this in the form of a sand ceremony, including their son in, they chose the colours of Sky Blue, Deep Ocean and Natural, all representing their love for the beach and its lifestyle. And after the ceremony, I went down the many steps with them to take some photos; I can’t wait to see them!Marina_and_Ashley_2_small.jpg

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