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Wedding Weather Issues

This morning thoughts were all about how lucky they have a plan B but this afternoon, the sun shone and the ceremony took place out in the gardens of Stillwater at Crittenden, where it was originally planned for. Thank God! It would have been a pity to have to move the ceremony away from such a picturesque area.

And there was something at this ceremony you don’t often see. An all male wedding party! Apart from the bride of course. The brides best friend is male so he was her Maid of Honour! And the groom had 3 groomsmen so instead of having all groomsmen on one side and bridesmaids on the other, there were 2 groomsmen on either side, it looked rather impressive.

 There were no tears today but plenty of perspiring as the sun had a real sting in it. The poor guys all had suits and ties so you can imagine how hot they were, by the time the signing came, I was a little worried that the groom was going to faint. It’s a good idea to always have water on hand in the warmer weather, not just for the bridal party but for anyone!

 But, of course, it all went well, from the moment the little flower girl (about 18 months old) walked down the aisle followed by the beautiful bride and her mother to the signing of the certificates and the congratulations!

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