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Weddings in Glasshouses.....

I have had a bride arrive on a horse before and on a horse and cart but never on a horse and cart into a shopping centre.....until today.

The QV Glasshouse is actually that; a glasshouse in the middle of the QV Building in the city and today after they closed the butterfly enclosure it hosted a spectacular wedding. Starting with the delivery of the brides and her bridesmaids by Ben and Beau, two gorgeous horses adorned with pink feathers.

And if having a wedding in a glasshouse isn't non-traditional enough, the bridal party all made their speeches to the bride and groom during the ceremony. It was different but brilliant! And of course, this wedding also had the norm.... beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous bridesmaids, cheeky groomsmen, cute young son of the couple holding the rings ready to give to mummy and daddy, sweet little flower girl, a brother who wrote a poem dedicated to his sister and her groom and a wonderful time had by all.horses.jpg

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