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Welcome to your new home country

What’s going on here? Last weekend it was hot hot hot and today it’s cold and rainy. Me thinks the weather gods are trying to mess with our heads! But we in the wedding industry have a secret weapon for these weird weather days….it’s called indoors, and luckily, as was the case last week, todays wedding was in doors.

Today’s couple also had a very romantic tale of two lovers that knew each other as children back in their country of Syria and lost touch over the years but due to the internet (mainly Facebook) were re-united a couple of years ago. Groom had already settled in Australia and went through all the pain of trying to get his beloved away from their war torn country. He finally managed this and the two have been spending their time re-discovering their love for each other… romantic!

The ceremony was at Giorgios Restaurant in Armadale and later Russell and I were invited to stay back and enjoy the reception. The food was fantastic and the tables were decorated with beautiful bunches of flowers.Saad_and_Ward_s.jpg

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