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Well flower me!

I’m not sure what the little two year old thought her job was as flower girl. Perhaps she thought a bit of gardening was needed although she didn’t quite know where to plant her flowers so she decided to plant them against my leg. During the signing of the marriage certificates, I was concentrating on guiding the witnesses where to sign when all of a sudden I felt something being pressed against my leg. I looked down and there she was pressing a flower, hoping it would stay on my leg but it wouldn’t (of course) so off she trotted to get another one. And when that one refused to be planted on my leg she went to get a different one, then another one and then another one, entertaining the guests and me in the process!

Today’s wedding was at one of my favourite gardens, the Elizabeth Murdoch Arboretum in Langwarrin has the most spectacular pair of pine trees as the centre pieces in the manicured and colourful lawn. And these two magnificent trees hosted our ceremony today, giving the perfect ambience.

The bride and groom were delighted by all the proceedings and the tears did seem to flow early in the ceremony which just added more laughter to the day…Rosie_and_Shaun.jpg7.jpg

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