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"We're getting married to be sure to be sure"

Well… yesterday’s wedding was full of emotion from both the bride and groom but very understandable. They had travelled all the way from Ireland to share their wedding day with the grooms family which meant that they had left a lot of their Irish friends back home, although I believe there has been and will be more celebrations back home in Galway.

The groom is actually an ex pat Aussie who is also the son of an old boss of mine in a former life before I became a celebrant and the bride was born and bred in good ol’ Ireland so there was a lot of planning in to this special day. Luckily for the bride, she did have her mother with her who was also part of the wedding party. She followed two absolutely gorgeous little flower girls down the aisle, and she in turn was followed by her beautiful daughter wearing a stunning bridal dress.

And the groom... well I felt like we had a personal connection by the time we finally met after all the emails to get his and his bride-to-be wedding ceremony created. And it turned out perfect!

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