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Werribee Mansion Wedding

It’s always good to be recommended to another couple by a bride and groom that I had previously married and this how I came to marry today’s couple. And incidentally, another couple I married were among the guests as well, so it was a great surprise to see them as well as the other bride who had recommended me!

It was also a really nice ceremony with a gorgeous bride and her handsome and fun-loving groom, his cheeky groomsmen and best of all there spunky little 3 year old son who proudly held up the sign which was hanging around his neck saying “Daddy, here comes our girl”. It was also very surprising to see the groom, who is normally very sure of himself, struggle to get through his vows…the tears were threatening to surface.

The gardens at the Werribee Mansion and Spa are very picturesque and a beautiful spot to hold a wedding, and there were quite a few patrons of the mansion who were pleasantly surprised to see a wedding ceremony.small.JPG

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