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Wet Beach Wedding

The sprinkling of the rain started about 10 minutes into the ceremony but it wasn’t too bad. Then the wind picked up a bit more....ok, we can deal with this. Then, as the groom was saying his vows, the wind picked up more, enough to blow over one of the Bali Flags.  Hmm...We need to get through the bride was saying her vows, over goes the second Bali Flag. Oh ooh, I think we’re in trouble here, I may have started talking a little faster than usual, gotta get to the end before the downpour comes.

 So we got to the end of the ceremony and as I was letting everyone know that we now need to do the signing, and inviting anyone and everyone who would like to take a photo, to come and do so, down it came. The bride and groom made a run for it to a little veranda on one of the boat sheds, I grabbed the certificates and ran closely behind them, everyone else was scattering to any kind of shelter they could find. Umbrellas were up and turning inside out with the wind. Women’s hairdos were now just masses of hair flying everywhere, including mine. And it was just crazy.

 So, as we were hovering under the tiny veranda, we decided that we would go back to the venue where the reception was to be held so we sign the certificates. O.k., now that’s a plan, but we needed to get everything to the car first including two speakers that don’t mix well with rain, 1 table and 2 chairs that had soaking wet covers on them, bags, certificates and tripods. All in all, about 3 trips each between my husband and me to the car, getting wetter and sandier with every trip.

 But we made it to the reception place and met up with the couple in their room who had dried off and de-sanded and looking pretty good. This has got to be the first time I have ever had the ceremony in one place and the signing of the certificates in another.

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