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What’s the deal with grooms??

I would say that when I am contacted by couples for their upcoming weddings, ninety-five percent of the time it is the bride who contacts me. And out of that ninety-five percent, I would say that about fifty percent of the grooms sit there quietly when the couple come to see me, that is, until they succumb to my wonderfully warm personality (cough cough) and realise that I won't bite them.

Often, I hear the phrase "whatever she wants is fine" or "I don't mind, she can decide" or words to that effect. And there is often coaxing from his beautiful wife-to-be asking him to be a part of this and he should have some more input. I say often but not always, there are also plenty of men out there wanting to partake in the creation of their ceremony but just not as many as the ladies.

I love being contacted by the groom initially, because then I know that he is going to take a real interest in the ceremony. In fact, I have had some grooms show their eagerness at the interview which is so refreshingly delightful for me and I even had one groom who, by the time he told me the story about how he and his fiancé met and decided to get married, I had three times as much info as usual (no name mentioned but you know who you are, lol) and even then, he sent me more info later via email. It was wonderful!

But, there is one very important thing to remember here. And I say this to all brides out there who feel like they are doing all the work/organising for their upcoming nuptials and that is this; as one very insightful groom once said "The wedding is all about her, it's the marriage that is all about us"

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