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The wind in my sail...I mean veil!

The wind is usually considered the arch enemy of the wedding ceremony (that and rain) and today was no exception except for one small moment during the ceremony. There we were, on the cliff top at All Smiles Sorrento Ocean Beach and I was just about to start talking about bride and groom and their expectations of their life together when a gust of wind came along and blew the brides veil off and onto her father’s face. The bride and groom, six groomsmen, six bridesmaids, one junior bridesmaid, one flower girl, one celebrant and about one hundred and fifty guests all burst into laughter! It was almost like something that would happen at a sitcom or funny movie.

But that moment of wayward veil wasn’t the only time of laughter, when you mix a gorgeous looking couple with a large wedding party and all of them having a sense of humour…..well what can I say, there was hilarity all round.All_Smiles_Sorrento.jpg

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