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Windy weather and surprise

The wind was blowing a gale for the first wedding today, making me a little nervous that it was going to give me trouble but I needn’t of worried….as the guest watched on, the bride and groom and I were under a ginormous tree that seemed to take on an atmosphere of its own. Under that tree, there was no wind and it was actually quite pleasant.

Both weddings today were local to me and both were supposed to be very low key and relaxed. The first one had the guests there already when I arrived as the couple just wanted a stress-free ceremony with their friends and family enjoying an afternoon together and just happen to have a wedding in the mix…

But the second one was a surprise wedding, and a little bit more upbeat. This couple are very much into their Christmas festivities and each year they adorn the house with an abundance of lights and invite their family and friends around to celebrate the lighting of these lights. So this was the perfect opportunity for them to incorporate their love of Christmas and their sense of playfulness to surprise their family and friends by getting married!

By the time I turned up, a few drinks had been downed and the guests were in a jovial mood and ready to enjoy the night, needless to say it was a bit rowdy, but fun….

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