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Wonderful Winter Wedding with a Red Dress

Summerfield’s Country House in Bittern is a beautiful Wedding Reception House that luckily has the facilities to host a wedding ceremony inside and outside. And due to today’s weather, we held the ceremony inside.

 The bride wore a magnificent deep red dress that was absolutely amazing. It weighed 13 kg and fitted the bride like a glove on the bodice and bounced out from her hips with a wonderful flow to it. Unfortunately, Russell the Roadie, aka my husband, is not a very good photographer so I didn't get a good photo of the bride. Hopefully, they will send me some that I can post.

 It was a very fun filled wedding today with a sand ceremony incorporated to symbolise the uniting of the bride, her two children, the groom and his son. And having the brides grandfather walk her down the aisle, really made his day as well! 

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