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That WOW Factor

If you’re looking for a place to have your wedding with a view that has the WOW factor, then you can’t go past Seawinds at Arthurs Seat. Every guest that turned up for the ceremony would look at the view and just say WOW!

 But then this view was soon to be out done by the bride who was absolutely gorgeous! And very emotional to begin with. She walked up the pathway to us holding the hand of her Nan who was a very important part in her life and when they separated, the tears started but then settled down again and then started again during a certain part of the ceremony where she presented her Nan with a rose to acknowledge the life her Nan had given her. This couple and most of their guests were from NSW, but as Nan lived here in Victoria, and was unable to travel, the wedding was moved here so the bride could have this very important person as a part of her ceremony.

 They incorporated a sand ceremony in their day as well. This ceremony symbolizes the inseparable union of the couple and a very popular event. They will now have a jar with the sands of two colours that cannot be separated.

 They were a lovely couple and it was such a pleasure to marry them but it was also great to just look at the view!

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