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Ying and Yang of Weddings

I know that I have mentioned before about being a marriage celebrant allows me to see a lot of different venues, but it also allows me to conduct a lot of different types of ceremonies. And this was very obvious with the 2 weddings I did yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I took a 3 minute drive to a couple’s house and married them in front of their 3 children, 2 of which were old enough to be witnesses. No fanfare, no hoo-ha, just the legals please….

And today was the total opposite! Travelled up to Epping the beautiful “Manor on High” for a wedding with all the gala and tradition that a beautiful young bride deserves. It was well planned and went off without a hitch…. of course

The two weddings were at each end of the extreme scale but they were both exactly what each bride and groom wanted, although I was happy to hear that the first couple did plan on spending the night in the bridal suit at a hotel to celebrate their nuptials!  :)

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