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The Zoo! YAY!

Anybody who knows me will know that I am a huge animal lover, (I'm actually a crazy giraffe lady) so to do a wedding at the Melbourne Zoo is a big thrill for me! And today, I had that big thrill.

But the Weather Gods were not accommodating this afternoon. Oh sure the weather was wonderfully summerish for most of it. But, as we were waiting for our bride to arrive, the groom and his groomsmen were watching the radar on their phones and starting talking about how were going to have "a little activity" at about 5.30. Ah ooh! Guess what time the wedding was due....yes, 5.30.

So, what do we do? Do we stay or do we go? The Japanese gardens in the zoo are fantastic for creating shelter, but as the darkness from the black clouds loomed, we finally made the decision to go inside...a wise decision in the end.

Apart from having a wedding in amongst all the animals, it was also a little unorthodox in the beginning as the bridesmaids who usually walk down the aisle before the bride, just came up and joined the groom, the groomsmen and me before the wedding at the front to wait for the bride to arrive. Then, when the bride arrived, she walked down the aisle with her father as her groom played the music on his guitar.

But even though, we were no longer by the lake that hosted a beautiful swan, tortoises, duck and many other aquatic animals, the wedding went rather well!

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