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Frequently Asked Questions About Put a Ring on it Weddings

What exactly is a “Put a ring on it wedding”?

A “Put a ring on it wedding” is where a beautiful but temporary wedding is created with a ceremony, a photography session and a short relaxed reception. “Put a ring on it weddings” are about making it as easy for couples as possible and, because more than one couple, will be marrying in the same spot (at different times, of course), the costs are greatly reduced.

So, is a “Put a ring on it wedding” the same as eloping then?

Yes and no. An elopement focuses on just the two of you to marry without any stress and if that’s what appeals to you, then this is for you!

What’s the attraction of a “Put a ring on it wedding” as opposed to booking a beach or a celebrant yourself?

Well, the obvious answer is that it’s always less stressful to have someone else do all the work. I provide the venue, the wedding ceremony, the bouquet for the bride and buttonhole flower for the groom, the photographer, and the wedding cake! That way you can just focus on the exciting bits, like writing your vows, and buying the wedding outfits, and of course, don’t forget the rings!

But an even better answer is to remember that because you’re sharing the day with several couples, everyone contributes to the cost of the venue, styling and décor, which adds up to some pretty significant savings. And that’s incredibly important to people on a tight budget.

Can the service be customised at all?

Because the idea is to bring costs down by sharing the day, elements such as décor and styling remain the same, with a focus on neutral tones and beautiful touches that will suit a variety of couples.

Where there is the opportunity for personalisation is during your ceremony, including the music that plays before and after the ceremony and during the signing of the documents.

Can people bring in their own photographer?

A professional photo shoot is part of the package, so there is no opportunity to bring a photographer to the wedding. But, it’s important to remember that lower costs don’t mean lesser expertise or value for money. Each couple is given edited photographs on the day and also the option to buy extra images directly from the photographer.

Can you still make a grand entrance to a “Put a ring on it weddings”?

Absolutely! You can still send the groom ahead as per normal and then walk down towards the ceremony, with or without attendants, as your processional song plays. There’s also scope for a bit more personalisation.

Can we book a meal or celebration at the venue after our wedding?

You sure can! The venue would be delighted to accommodate you and your guests. You can book a meal or stay for a drink and I will provide you with all the details in your “Put a ring on it wedding” folder when you book.

Are there drinks available during the reception?

A glass of champagne or beer or soft drink will be served to you and your guests following your ceremony as part of your package. If they prefer to drink something else, or would like to have another drink or two, they will be able to do so at the private bar.

What if I have less than ten guests?

You must pay for ten guests as this is the amount of guest that have been accounted for in the package. But look on the bright side, if you have less than ten guests then that is more food to go around!

Also, if you have more than 10 guests, they are very welcome to attend for a very reasonable price of $50 per head.

So, it’s definitely legal?

Yes, 100 per cent so.

What is a Notice of Intended Marriage?

In Australia, all couples seeking to marry must lodge a legal document called the Notice of Intended Marriage (or NIOM) a minimum of one calendar month before their wedding day. I will go through this with you and create this form for you upon booking your wedding.

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