Funeral Celebrant Perricoota

While often viewed as a time to mourn and reflect on the loss of an important part of your life, I believe that funerals can be a time to celebrate a life well lived. During this sensitive period I will take care to ensure that the bereaved are treated with compassion and kindness, ensuring that I do not intrude on moments of private mourning. As a skilled and sympathetic funeral celebrant, Perricoota mourners can turn to me to accurately represent the recently bereaved.

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By meeting with family members, partners, and close friends I will be able to gain a deep understanding of what made the recently departed such an important figure in the lives of so many. Through personal insights, anecdotes, and detailed retellings of events my goal is to lessen the grief felt by those suffering through mourning by helping those currently lost remember the things that made them so special. My name is Robyn Rodda, and I am here to help respect the memory of your loved one. Call me today on 0439 886 695.

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