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A beach wedding not on the beach

One of my most favorite places in the world is Mount Eliza. When I am rich, I plan on building my dream home there, (hopefully next door to Hugh Jackman but that's another story) so I get very excited when I get to do a wedding there. And what better place than at the Ranelagh Yacht Club!photo_3.JPG

Having a wedding there is like having a beach wedding but with no sand getting between your toes and all the luxury of an inside wedding. Today's wedding was held on the deck at the yacht club, giving us the view of the ocean and the comfort of solid ground. The weather was cold but not windy or uncomfortable so all up, just a fabulous place to host a wedding!

And what a lovely little wedding it was on that deck. Only about 40 guests made it quite intimate as the young couple, who were both quite nervous, declared their love for each other by committing themselves to each other to each other. As all weddings do, this had such a happy and family orientated feel to it. Love it!

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