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The Hills are alive for this wedding

It was almost like “The Hills Were Alive” at today’s wedding. It was in a beautiful back yard at Mount Eliza (my favourite place in the world). And the backyard was very hilly, to the point that it was very much a topic of conversation, with the girls in their heels being very very careful as they walked down to the pergola that hosted our ceremony. And I could see why today’s couple chose this pergola as their wedding venue, as it had a real rustic charm. And to add to the charm, the theme for today was Alice in Wonderland, so there were lots of little knickknacks around making it very colourful.  

The couple, who said their vows today, actually came to meet with me June last year so this wedding was a long time coming but it was really good to see them again after all this time and it was even better to see their happy faces during and after the ceremony. The bride was quite untraditional with her baby blue dress and small mad hatter hat but looked very much like a beautiful bride non-the-less!

And the groom was as cool as a cucumber as he greeted his guests and even during the ceremony, which made it runs just so smoothly. Very nice!


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