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It was supposed to be a beach wedding

Oh Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne…..what do we have to do to get in favour with the Weather Gods?? While other parts of the country are sweltering (well it is the middle of summer) we seem to be enduring a cold front at the moment BRRRRR!!

But at least today’s couple had the forethought to book a venue with the ability to host a wedding no matter what the weather. I have mentioned Ranelagh Club in Mt Eliza before and wrote how I love this venue for the following reasons: if you want to have a beach wedding, this is the perfect beach to have it on (weather permitting) as it is a very quiet beach with most of the people there being club members or boatshed owners. And speaking of boatsheds, the colourful buildings are just perfect for photo backgrounds. But, if like today, you need to utilize plan B, the Ranelagh Club has a great deck, partially under cover with the view of the ocean in the back. Perfect!

So, with the wind getting stronger, the decision was made to have the ceremony on the deck but as it wasn’t raining, we were still out in the open. Ok, all good so fay, all I needed was for my hair to behave itself and stop trying to visit my eyes.

The groom was very nervous but was coping but then when the beautiful bride walked down the aisle, he had trouble holding back the tears, we will blame the wind for that even though we really know the truth. And just as the bride made it up the aisle, the weather started to take a turn for the worse with just a little sprinkling of rain, which then got a little heavier and then by the time I had started talking about how the bride and groom met, the sprinkling was a little more like a light shower. I took one look at the bride and said “what do you want to do?” thankfully her answer was, “let’s move up a bit so we are under cover” so everybody got up from their chairs, and we all moved to the undercover area and continued on with the ceremony. In hindsight, the move also made the whole gathering cosy and snug creating a wonderful atmosphere.

And by the time we all signed the registry, the sun was out again! Oh Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne!

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