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An early wedding and a late one today.

The first was held at Mira Mira Accommodation in Crossover (Near Neerim South) and is an amazing place. I think Michelangelo must have visited there in the past because the chapel has a painted ceiling, just like the Sistine Chapel….well maybe not just like the Sistine Chapel, but the same idea….

There was ten years between the first time todays couple met and the time they got together but they are one of the happiest couples on Earth. I had to tell the bride a stern “no” when she just wanted to kiss the groom at the start of the ceremony Ah ah, you’re not married yet” said I…’s ok, she, the groom and everyone else knew I was kidding but she saved her kisses until the end, lol.

The second wedding was a surprise wedding. One good ruse for a surprise wedding is an engagement party. A lot of couples do this so they halve the celebrations for the whole process, thus halving the stress and financial matters.

When I arrived at the party, trying to not look like a celebrant, I could see smirks on many faces. There were some comments made and knowing looks and, well… it was the worst kept secret in town, lol.

But it was a very fun wedding with the guests already in jovial moods and the musician Cam Tapp playing in the background, the atmosphere was very enjoyable. And to add to the fun, the bride showed her delight by chuckling gleefully throughout the ceremony.

It may not have been a well-kept secret but it was a very entertaining ceremony!


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